The Albion Knitting Company was founded in Haringey, London in 2014 in response to the need for localised production and is the flag bearer of a renaissance of luxury knitwear Made in England.   Albion was founded by Christian Murphy and Jamie O’Neill with investment from the Alpha Tops Group an international textile company with its head office in Geneva, Switzerland active in the trade of cashmere, alpaca and mohair.   Through our group structure Albion is also linked to the Alphatex company in China, Incalpaca in Peru and Cape Mohair Spinners in South Africa.    

Albion is the first industrial scale fully fashioned flat knitter established in London since WWII and is unique in being able to offer luxury brands based in London both sampling and production on their doorstep.   Drawing on the experience and skills offered by the other companies in the group we have assembled a highly accomplished team in London that is currently knitting for Givenchy, Chloe, Paul Smith, Studio Nicholson and Belstaff amongst other designers and luxury brands.

Albion is located a stone’s throw from Finsbury Park and equipped with 23 Stoll knitting machines with gauges from 1.5-16GG including the very latest generation of ADF technology.   Albion is a fully vertical knitting, linking and wet finishing plant equipped with Mentasti washing, drying and automatic pressing tables and Complett linking and cup seaming.  We have 50 expert staff specialised in all the technical disciplines of knitwear including electronic machine knitting, hand knitting, crochet, linking, hand sewing, mending, milling, automatic and hand pressing and capable of producing 60,000 fully fashioned flat knitted garments annually to the highest quality standards.

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Chris Murphy and Jamie O’Neill
The Albion Knitting Co. LTD