Working with premium knitted product; this role would suit a skilled technically minded analytical person.


  • Work with the Stoll Programming Team on all product development sent through by clients, ensuring all client requirements are understood and actioned accordingly.
  • Create costing sheets to determine client pricing.
  • Check product at the development, pre-production and bulk production stages to ensure client requirements are met.
  • Ensure all information required for client invoicing is supplied to finance department in a timely manner for prompt invoicing.
  • Create range plans which include pictures, yarn details, garment weight, gauge, machine, total quantity ordered and any other prevalent information depending on client and style.
  • Order all necessities on the Bill of Materials (BOMS) as per client requirements.
  • Liaise with yarn suppliers to obtain yarn prices, sample yarn and bulk yarn.
  • Ensure any possible I.P. infringements are communicated to the production staff.
  • Taking receipt and distributing all client Purchase Contracts and Purchase Order forms to relevant internal staff.
  • Issue production instructions to the manufacturing departments.
  • Communicate any specific packing requirements from clients to the packing department.
  • Follow yarn and knitwear trends & relay these to customers/clients during meetings.
  • Create development swatches and protos to present to clients to generate additional business.
  • General administration duties required for all launches and record keeping, predominantly carried out on excel.


  • A friendly approachable character
  • Excellent knowledge of technical knitting, including tech packs.
  • Comfortable communicating with all levels of the company in a clear and concise manner.
  • Excellent excel skills.
  • Good organizational and prioritization skills.
  • Passion for product and particularly knitwear.
  • Ability to follow production plans (critical paths) and report any issues in a timely manner.
  • Degree or equivalent in knitwear would be preferred.


£24,500 to £32,000 depending on experience

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RESPONSIBLE TO: Pressing Supervisor


The role requires pressing and measuring garments to desired size and appearance specification using hand iron, steam or auto press machine.


  • Liaise with production department in terms of upcoming production.
  • Ensure daily machinery checks and detergent checks are completed and documented.
  • Load and unload garments into washer / dryer via tapered trucks.
  • Inspecting garments to ensure good quality and to identify frequent defects.
  • Organise garments and store them neatly for pressing.
  • Press garments to desired size and appearance specification using hand iron, steam and vacuum table.
  • Press garments to desired size and appearance using auto press machine.
  • Measure garments to ensure correct specification is reached.
  • Provide written and verbal feedback on sample production.
  • Keep good IT records of wash / dryer programs specific to each client and style.
  • Keep good IT and physical records of measurement charts.
  • Take Receipt of production instructions and store correctly.
  • Meet targets given by supervisor and strive to improve efficiency and output of the department.

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RESPONSIBLE TO: Linking Supervisor

MAIN PURPOSE OF JOB: To link point to point knitted panels of a variety of different styles and gauges to client’s required high standard. As a linking technician you will be expected to be a competent linker working independently on garments keeping the high standard of the company and finishing to the client’s specific requirements.


  • Knowing and following basic linking techniques on a variety of styles and gauges.
  • Being able to link full garments including but not limited to the following garment points: side seam, sleeves, collars, plackets, shoulder seams, pockets.
  • Attention to detail and rigorous checking of work to ensure no mistakes, holes or loose linking threads.
  • High standard of work, following techniques precisely to ensure all pieces are correct and at the standard expected by clients.
  • Working closely with knitting and repair departments, picking up on any faults promptly and passing back to the required department.
  • Keeping machines and working areas well organised ensuring no pieces are lost or styles mixed up.
  • Also keeping area clean and tidy. Regular sweeping throughout the day to maintain a tidy department.
  • Monitoring of machines performance and condition informing the linking supervisor immediately if anything breaks or seems to not be working with the machine.
  • Communicating with the linking supervisor daily to be instructed on current styles and be given daily personal targets.
  • Striving to reach daily targets and higher to improve efficiency and output of department.

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RESPONSIBLE TO: Managing Director

MAIN PURPOSE OF JOB: Creating high quality M1+ programs for Stoll CMS530 & ADF machines.


  • Liaising with clients and in some cases Beijing Alphatex to confirm all correct specifications before creating computer knitting programs.
  • Go through client techpacks with Account Servicing and ensure all points are clear and important points to note are well covered before producing anything.
  • Produce test swatches to achieve correct tension before programming begins.
  • Perform swatch trials on all stitches used throughout garment to ensure look and tension are workable.
  • Create all required Stoll computer knitting programs for both sampling and bulk production.
  • Creating full size sets which are within the client required tolerance and fully prepared for linking & other make-up work needed after panel knitting is complete.
  • Creating full knitting statement & production instructions for all make-up departments; linking, handsewing, washing, pressing, machine sewing, woven work so that all department supervisors are clear on all work required to complete finished samples as per client requirement.
  • Oversee sampling process to ensure quality and specifications match client requirement.
  • Produce full size-set of pre-production samples to confirm all is in order before bulk production commences.
  • Liaise closely with knitting department Manager and Stoll machine operators to ensure any samples/production are running at optimum level.
  • Assist the Knitting Dept. Manager in being vigilant throughout workshop to ensure all machines are being kept running by operators.
  • Other duties as and when Company Directors require, for the good of Albion Knitting.


  • Minimum 3 years of experience with M1+ programming.
  • Experience in M1+ programming for Stoll ADF machines.
  • Stoll knitting machine handling experience, both CMS530 & CMS502 machines.
  • Multi-gauge Stoll knitting experience.
  • General excel & computing skills.

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